Moriarty Family

Timothy Moriarty was born in March of 1840 in Ireland. His parents were John Moriarty and Johanna Callahan. He immigrated to the Unites States, probably with his sister Margaret sometime before 1854. The first record we find of Timothy’s in St. Louis, Missouri, is his marriage to Anne Mahoney on June 18, 1854 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. The witnesses at their wedding were Patrick and Catherine Murphy, their relationship to the Moriartys is unknown, although one of Tim and Anne’s daughter’s would go on to marry another Patrick Murphy.

Anne was the daughter of Michael Mahoney and Anne Speirman. Anne’s sister, Margaret, married a Dennis Moriarty, also at St. Patrick’s about a year later. It seems likely that these Moriarty men who married Mahoney sisters would be somehow related.

Timothy and Anne had at least 12 children:

Johanna Born: July 2, 1855 (she must have died in childhood).

Margaret Born: September 5, 1858

Hanora Born: March 27, 1859

Mary Ellen Born: March 1, 1862

Catherine A. Born: January 28, 1864

Johanna Born: March 17, 1866

Bridget Born: October 25, 1867

Elizabeth Born: October 28, 1869

Ellen Elizabeth Born: April 18, 1872

John Born: May 5, 1874 (he died in 1881)

Anastasia Born: February 18, 1877

Michael Born: February 3, 1880 (he died in 1892)

All dates of birth extracted from baptismal records. We can see from these baptismal records that Timothy remained close to his sister, Margaret. Margaret Connell is listed as the second Johanna’s godmother and William O’Connell (probably Margaret’s oldest son) is listed as Ellen Elizabeth’s godfather. Anastasia’s godmother was Ellen Moriarty, perhaps another sister. Dennis Moriarty and Margaret Mahoney were the first Johanna’s godparents, strengthening the guess that Dennis was somehow related to Tim and Margaret Moriarty.

It appears that Tim and Anne kept hoping for a son! Unfortunately, their 2 sons died in childhood, so Tim and Anne raised 9 daughters.

In 1868, Timothy purchased a lot of land from the City of St. Louis. Apparently, the Moriartys were somewhat financially secure. Although it is not clear what Timothy’s occupation was. Most references to Timothy in the St. Louis City Directories simply list “laborer” as his occupation.

The Moriartys were very active Catholics. Two of the Moriarty daughters became nuns: Bridget became Sister Mary of St. Aiden and Elizabeth became Sister Mary of St. Teresa. Both were Good Shepherd Sisters, an order that “took care of adolescent girls with delinquency problems”. The convent was located on Gravois Avenue in St. Louis.

Timothy was a member of both the Catholic Knights of America and the Knights of Father Mathew, a fraternal organization that advocated temperance. Members had to pledge to abstain from drinking. It also became a social and semi-military organization. Members would don handsome uniforms and march in local parades. By 1904, the Knights had over 6,000 members.

Anne Mahoney Moriarty died at home on January 4, 1897 of pneumonia. Incredible that she would survive the birth of at least 12 children, but would die of pneumonia. Her funeral mass was held at St. Lawrence O’Toole’s and she is buried in the family plot at Calvary Cemetery.

Timothy died on October 2, 1903. His funeral mass was also held at St. Lawrence O’Toole’s and he is buried in the family plot at Calvary Cemetery.