Hand-written notes of Lucy Chloe Wilkerson Bassman - undated.

Hand-written notes of Lucy Chloe Wilkerson Bassman - undated.

Hand-written notes in the hand of Lucy Chloe Wilkerson Bassman, my grandmother. Transcribed by Erin Murphy Garcia.

Page 1 - Transcription of the probate file of Marvel Wilkerson, Dec 15, 1858, Pulaski County, Missouri. Only one page of this file survives.

Page 2


June Charity and James may have been Ingraham children. Not sure whether Tennessee was a half sister or Dave and John or not - Cliff Wilkerson thinks they were full brothers & sisters. David W. Wilkerson born 1851 died 1933. The 1934 on David Wilkerson tombstone in Crocker is not correct. The stone was ordered in 1934 but he died in 1933 as stated.

Amanda Hensley Wilkerson, David’s first wife was born Dec. 29th, 1853 died April 26, 1896. I don’t know exactly who Alpheus is - could be either David’s father or older brother. Alpheus Wilkerson born Feb. 25, 1885, died June 19, 1903.

John Wilkerson born 1854 or 57, died 1923. Molly Wilkerson (John’s wife) b. 1861 - D. 1854. Sons Cliff & Ernie.

There are two sticky notes on this page:

I believe her (Tennie) to be David and John’s half sister. She was born Jan 1847 and Marvel and Jane were married Nov. 1847. (Tennie was Tennessee Anderson/ Wilkerson’s nickname)

Nephew was David’s son and Wood’s brother. (Wood was William Walton Darwood Wilkerson, David Wilkerson’s son).

(I don’t think the sticky notes are in Lucy Chloe’s handwriting).

Page 3

Transcription of the 1850 & 1860 censuses.

In the 1850 Census

Marie (??) Wilkerson   45   F   B. Tenn (Could be MarionO

Eliza Jane                    21  F    B. Tenn

Jane                            17   F    B. Ill

Noah H                         11  M   B. Ill

William                          9   M   B. Ill

Tennessee                    3   F    B. Ill

Maranda Scribner       15   F    B. Ill

I don’t know where Maranda Scribner fits in - 

1860 Census

William Ingraham    31  M   B. Ill

Jane Eliza               32  F    B. Tenn

Tennessee              14  F    B. Ill

David                        9  M   B. MO

June                         6   F    B. Ark

John                         6  M    B. TX

Charity                      2  F    B. MO

Old records in Hoarse Robinsons office, Pulaski Co, lists an immigrant Sidney Ingraham in 1831.

Sticky note says:

Marvel Wilkerson

Eliza Jane was a Scribner

Page 4

Hampton or Hamton Wilkerson was a brother to David & John. he was redheaded and quite a rounder. He drank, fought at the drop of a hat. He died in Texas from sun stroke just before the war - little is known of him.

Tennessee Wilkerson married John Turpin.

Tennessee Wilkerson was a sister of David

Bill Wilkerson was a brother to David.

David W. Wilkerson thinks he was born 1951 (sic), died Dec. 23, 1933.

William Walton Darwood Wilkerson was born April 24, 1882, died July 5, 1951.

Alpheus Wilkerson born Feb. 8, 1885, died June 19, 1903.

Almedia Wilkerson Miller, born Mar. 9, 1895, died in Arizonia (sic) of TB. Confusion here.

Milenda Hale Wilkerson, David’s 2nd wife, no dates.

Sticky note on this page says:

“Hamp” was actually Noah Hampton

Page 5

Copied from History of Dixon, MO

It may be of interest to know that uncle William Trower and his wife came to Waynesville in 1837 on a mule, their only earthy effects beside the mule being a bag of clothing and an old rifle.

This history also states that any one living within 35 or 40 miles of one cabin was considered a neighbor.

Josiah Turpin came to Missouri in 1813. The closest trading post was the one in  St. Louis, MO. This was the grandfather of Tennessee Wilkerson husband, uncle Joseah Turpin. You can make what you will of Tom Turpin history of his family listing Tennessee as an Anderson and Jewell.

This last sentence was Bonnie Weber’s idea - since I have read some of her other writings the Rouths was an uneducated and very low brow people and Tom Turpin’s mother was a Routh.

Tennessee and her first husband, Marion Jewell were married

Page 6

Sept. 13, 1875. They had a son Anderson which I think was Tennessee maiden name - Tom lists Josiah (as Joseph) died Feb 12, 1917. Tennessee died in April 27, 1920.

The first Josiah Turpin settled in what became known as the Shockley bottom.

Now for the Rouths marrying Bartletts:

Ethel Turpin married Lloyd Bartlett, son of Thomas Bartlett. Ethel a granddaughter of  Eli Routh (grandfather of Tom Turpin).

Amy Routh (daughter of Eli Routh) married Ruebin Bartlett, brother of Walter. 

Joann Woodin married Alvis Routh, father of Ansel, Eli, Earl,Dorthy, Elfie

Zora Routh Williams,  son married Mable Thornsberry, her mother a Bartlett.

Walter Weber married Shirley Wilkerson, a great granddaughter of Eli Routh.

Page 7

Some Hensleys are buried in the old Antioch Cemetery. There was an Irwin Hensley that is connected with the Wilkersons & Routh some way. - There was little love between the Hensleys & Wilkersons. The Hensleys were well to do and they resented Amanda marrying David as he was an orphan after David’s father died, his mother married an Ingraham.

John Wilkerson 1820 - 1864

John Wilkerson 1845 

These 2 names were sent to Bonnie Weber by Sylvia Ray Burnside who lived then in Tucson Ariz in 1974. She was Tice (?) Ray’s daughter. Her mother’s father was Irwin Harden (or Hardin) Hensley. - That would make Wood, Clara & Maud cousins, her mother’s name (this Mrs. Burnside) name was Maud. Mrs. Burnside also states that Irwin’s death certificate states his others name was Margaret Calvoit. This would be Amanda Wilkerson’s mother unless there was a second marriage there. 

Page 8

Aunt Maud Wilkerson first married Rob Shockley and they had 1 child, Amy. Rob Shockley died - some said from a beating his father gave him with a singletree. Amy still owns the Shockley farm she was given when he (sic) grandfather left her. Amy married Mert Shelton, they had 2 children, Ralph and Bernadine. Cliff Wilkerson and Amy are cousins.

Dads sister Almedia Miller was a seamstress and lived in Springfield, MO. She took TB and moved to Ariz. and died there. She had a son Lloyd who was married and divorced - he has a child - a girl.

Grandma Wilkerson (Amanda Hensley Wilkerson) was operated on “for a rizing (?) in her breast” one could assume it was cancer. The Wilkerson lived on the old place were grandpa homesteaded. Grandma was operated on the kitchen table and died within a few days. 

Page 9

The old Wilkerson Homestead - Turn left off route 17 out of Crocker to go to the Shockly bottom = the homestead lay to the right of that road. There was a log house 3 rooms with an attic and I have heard a dogtrot to a room?? Maybe a smokehouse. There were several buildings. Maybe barns.

There is a John Wilkerson date 1820

John C Wilkerson 1845

One lived in Crocker - this is from Bonnie report.

Page 10

James Wilkerson 1857 - 1825 (sic)

Could be related to Cardinal of Catholic Church of England. See Aaron Burr 1826 to 1836 killed Hamilton in July 11, 1804 - I don’t understand this.

This is from Tom Turpin.

His grandmother Tennessee Wilkerson Turpin,

 wife of Josiah Turpin told of experiences with the Indians on a trip to Texas. Mr. Turpin also found the probate records of Pulaski County were saved from fire in the 1890’s

Missouri historical library in Columbia has records - they have census records of each state dating back to early 1800’s. Other records also. The most complete genealogical library in country in Salt Lake City Mormon church.

Census records Eliza Jane Wilkerson came to Pulaski County between 1840 and 1850 as the census records list them in 1850 but not in 1840. The census records looks like Marie or Mosie we are wondering if it could be Marion.

Stick note:

Marvel & Eliza Jane came to Pulaski County prob. About 1849. MARVEL

Page 11

After Marie or Mosie (whatever) died, Eliza married William Ingraham and they must have gone to Texas for a time either before she married or afterwards. The census shows uncle John was born in Texas.

Cliff thinks uncle John lived with a family named Robertson.

The 1850 census spelled Wilkerson Wilkinson. 

1850 Census

Marie or Mosie Wilkerson    Age: 40  Sex: M  State: Tenn

Eliza Jane                                     21          F             

Jane                                              17          F              Ill

Noah H                                          11          M             Ill

William                                           9           M             Ill

Tennessee                                     3           F              Ill

Maranda Scribner                         12          F              Ill

1860 Census

William Ingraham                          31          M             Ill

(next to Ingraham’s name it says: “This could be uncle Julu Fenily”)

Jane Eliza J       32          F             Tenn

Tennessee                                    14          F             Ill

David                                             9           M            MO

June or Jane                                 6           F             Ark

John                                              6           M            Texas

Page 12 - but labeled “9”

Land office established in Springfield 1845. Louisiana purchase - 1803 Gulf o Mexico to Canada from Miss. River to Rocky Mts. Jo Turpin came in 1813 - had a son 13yr old when he came - died 1871 (father or son?

Hampton Wade - American general 1752 died 1835

Hampton Wade - grandson of some President. Confederate general politician 1818 to 1902.

Sept 20, 1850 first act of congress making land grants in aid of the construction of railroads (Ill - Central). March 3, 1851 Congress reduced letter postage to 3 cents - per ½ ounce up to 3000 miles.

March 2, 1853 Continuous railroad from NY to Chicago also Boston.

March 2 also Washington Territory set off from Oregon Territory.

1854 to 1856 Miniature war - Civil pro slavery element takes over state government of Kansas

1914 Neutrality Proclamation on outbreak of war in Europe.

Treaty with Nicaragua signed congress appropriates 2,500,000 for 

Page 13 (but labeled “10”)

Americans caught in Europe by war. Panama Canal opened steamship ancon?? From Atlantic in 10 hours. Glacier National Park in Montana established.

Amendments for women suffrage are adopted in Nev (?) & most rejected in MO, Neb., Ohio, N. Dak. & S. Dak.

Somebody (looks like Snade) in 1921 ordered 3,203 men home from Rhine (?) left 169 officers - 2,217 men left there. 

(Here is a note) Federal Judge Wilkerson of U.S. District Court of Chicago grants a preliminary injunction against Federated Shop Crafts rom doing anything which would tend to promote the obstruction of Interstate Commerce in 1921.

1923 or 1925 (can’t make out which) Army of Occupation recalled from Rhine.

Page 14 (but labeled “Page 11”)

There was a William Wilkerson made a visit to MO years ago - He told my Aunt Maud he had named a daughter of his for her. He never came back and never wrote of it is assumed he is dead. It is reported that his brother (who ever he was) could have been Wood (my Dad) and grandpa Dave took his tales of the fabulous Texas lands with a grain of salt. In fact Grandpa said in privacy Bill is a bit of a braggart.

Sticky note:

His brother probably refers to John, Dave’s brother. Dave’s brother William was their half-brother (b. Ca 1842)

Page 15 (but labeled “12”)

Clara Florence Wilkerson born Apr 18, 1889

Married Reagan Roam  Jan 1914

Bonnie Bell born July 15, 1914

Bonita Loraine  born Oct. 24, 1918

Page 16 (but labeled “13”)

Letter from Cliff Wilkerson, written to Amy Shockly Shelton Jan. 9, 1970

Cliff at that time was 73 years old. He died in the early 80’s.

My grandmother’s name must have been Lidda or Lida. This contrasts with Uncle Bill spelling of Wilkerson. (Sticky note says: Her name was Eliza. Writer probably heard ‘Liza with z as d sound. She was called “Jane”)

Bill and Hamp were not the children of Lidda. Uncle Bill told me when his father died he and uncle Hamp went to Texas - I think he said in 1856. (Sticky note says: Hamp and Bill were sons of Marvel’s first wife, Eveline (Bradley) Wilkerson)

Uncle Dave Wilkerson told me about driving a team to Rolla while his stepfather Ingraham would walk parallel to the road in the woods in case  bushwhackers or “Jawhacters”? 

were met he, Ingraham, could escape. (Sticky note says: Jayhawkers). The boy (grandpa Dave) would be unharmed. Dave wasn’t so sure of this himself. Ingraham was hauling freight to Rolla from Waynesville at this time. Cliff says he thinks grandpa was 13 at the time. When Lidda died

Page 17 (but labeled 14)

Tennessee, Dave and John was put in homes. Hamp & Bill were in war.

Olive Bartlett Sullins writes - I remember uncle Bill - he told of being at Wilson’s Creek when General Lyon was killed. The soldiers took the mane, tail and hide of the horse as souvenirs. Uncle Bill would tell what a fertile land east of Texas was and about the crops raised, the climate. Uncle Walter (Olive’s father) and grandpa Dave were heard to say Bill “blowed” a lot.

Sticky note says: Page 4 says Hamp died before war?

Where these few sentences came from I do not know any how I’ll add them below.

The probate records of Pulaski County were saved from a fire in 1890.

Census records list M- and Eliza Jane Wilkerson came to Pulaski Co, as the records list them in 1850 but not in 1840. The census records appear to record Mr. Wilkerson name as Marie or Mosie - it could be Marion.

Page 18 (but labeled “15”)

John Wilkerson was born in 1855

Dave Wilkerson was born in 1858

This is from Cliff Wilkerson.

Uncle Bill was a member of the Texas Rangers at Wilson’s Creek this was a unit under General McCullock in the Confederate Army. He joined Price to protect Arkansas from invasion but would not follow further because he considered his mission accomplished. 

Uncle Bill was at the battle of Shiloh, Miss. in the next year, 1862, he was wounded there and missed most of the war. A bullet shelled off his femur or thigh bone.

Uncle Hamp died of heat prostration before the Civil War. He was redheaded and high tempered. He would beg uncle Bill to go to town with him. He would promise not to get in fights before uncle Bill would go. This must of helped some if there was no fire water around.

Hamp & Bill brothers of grandpa.

Page 19 (but labeled “16”)

David Woodrow Wilkerson born Apr. 18, 1851 died

Amanda Hensley (1st wife) born Dec. 29, 1853

                                            died April 26, 1896

William Walton Darwood  born Apr. 24, 1882

                                         died July 5, 1951

Clara Wilkerson Roam     born Apr 18, 1889

                                         died Jan. 16, 1960

Almedia Wilkerson Miller   born Mar 9, 1895


Charles T. Miller her husband (with arrow pointing to Almedia).

John Wilkerson (David’s brother) born in 1851 or 1857

                                                     Died 1923

Molly Wilkerson his wife (with arrow pointing to John Wilkerson) born 1861

                                                                                                      Died 1954

Alpheus Wilkerson David’s son I think  born Feb. 25, 1883

                                                              Died June 19, 1903

Hamp or Hamton and Bill David brothers.

Page 20 (but labeled “17”)

Chesterville - Could be Missouri or Texas

Jeptho Wilkerson, wife Nellie, daughter Frances I

Wm. Wilkerson - Jeptho father 

Maude & Ruth      (Jeptho) sisters

All of these came from Kansas in the Spring of 1907. 

Nellie had a daughter Hazel who was born in Dec. 1907.

Eagle Lake is mentioned several times in this paper. 

Jeptho was a rice farmer.

After reading more on this report I think Chesterville is in Texas. Eagle Lake is mentioned in this report.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeptho Wilkerson owned a hotel in Chesterville from Jan. 1, 1908 to Jan. 1909. Then Mrs. Cris Cook (Maud Wilkerson we suppose was Jeptho’s daughter) took the hotel over in 1910.

Page 21 (labeled “18”)

Jeptho Wilkerson was also a carpenter. He did finishing inside of churches.


Ingraham - William M a widower - children Ethel (married Virgil Horn), Randolph, Lansing (married Irene Denton) and Ward. Came from Okla, in 1913 seeking health for Mr. Ingraham. One daughter Ella (Portfield) never lived here, another daughter Ernestine (Bamburg) lived here later.


Wilkerson - William, 2 daughters Maude and Ruth and a married son Jeptha and wife Nellie, one daughter, Frances, came from Kansas in the spring of 1907. Jeptha’s daughter Hazel was born here. They were rice farmers, carpenters and painters. Nellie managed a hotel for a year. The  younger family returned to Kansas in late 1908. Maude managed hotel - married Chris Cook. Daughter Florence born here, moved to Houston 1912. This is from Chesterville report.

Page 22 (Letter to Buck Rosenthal)

Dear Buck:

Its interesting to know that there as two David Wilkerson’s - whether they were related or not. I don’t know. My grandfather - David Wilkerson - was born (what month I don’t know) in 1851. Died Dec. 23, 1933 on a farm close to Crocker, MO in Pulaski Co. His first wife was Amanda Hensley Wilkerson. She was born Dec. 29, 1853 died April 26, 1896.

David and Amanda had five children (if I understand these papers right that I have. I got this information from a cousin - who has since died - and no one else in her family seems to be too interested). Their children were - 

Maude Wilkerson Bartlett

Almedia Wilkerson Miller

Alpheus Wilkerson

William Walton Darwood Wilkerson (my father

Clara Wilkerson Roam

Alpheus and Almedia died before I was born. Grandpa Dave had a brother John and a brother Bill and a sister Tennessee.

When my father’s mother (Amanda Wilkerson) died, grandpa Dave then married a Melinda Hale no dated ( as to birth, marriage

Page 23

Or death) but do know she was full bloodied (sic) indian. In most of the papers I have is a Sarah Jane mentioned. There is James - a Eliza Jane and just a Jane from the 1850 census. Also in the 1850 census that I have there is

Marie or Mosie or could be Marion Wilkerson Sex: Man  Age 40  State from: Tenn

Eliza Jane      Female  21  Tenn

Jane               Female 17   Ill

Noah H          Male      11   Ill

William           Male      9    Ill

Tennessee      Female   12  Ill

You may have all of this - but just in case you don’t, I’ll go on.

Grandpa Dave was an orphan. The only parents I can find in this report is he had a stepfather by the name of Sidney Ingraham. There was also Ingraham children but how many or what sex I don’t know. Grandpa Dave’s brother John lived and died in Pulaski Co. He had 2 sons Ernest and Clifford. Ernest had 6 children - one lives in Hawaii and I write to her often. I will start asking her questions if you think think (sic) we are in any way connected.