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  • From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1905: William Holloran - "Driver and All Hurled into River"

    Article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov. 19, 1905, Part III, Pg. 8:

    Driver and All Hurled into River

    Alleged Reckless Driving Nearly Results in Drowning of William Holloran, 16 - Horse and Wagon Lost - Halpin Arrested.

    William Holloran, 16 years old, a driver for Frank Kilcullen, a plumber, was hurled into the Mississippi River with his horse and wagon late yesterday afternoon through the alleged carelessness of Joseph Halpin, another driver, who has been arrested.

    Holloran, driving a single horse, was leaving a flatboat at the foot of Mullanphy street when Halpin, it is alleged, drove rapidly upon the gangplank. The wagons collided and Hollarons vehicle was shoved into the river, the boy driver not having time to jump to the deck of the boat.

    The horse and driver struggled in the cold waters fully three minutes before Tom Ford, the boat watchman, was able to rescue the boy. Ford secured a long stick with a hook on the end of it and with this he was enabled to grab the boy and drag him to the deck of the boat.

    The horse and wagon drifted down the river and were lost.

    Halpin will be arraigned in Police Court to-morrow morning on a charge of reckless driving.

    Holloran was almost dead from strangulation when taken fro the water. Ford rolled the boy for fifteen minutes in the manner in which river men save drowning persons, and finally resuscitated him. Holloran lives at No 1517 North Fifteenth street.