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  • Are the Hallorans' Psychic?

    In 1968 my grandmother, Marie (Halloran) Murphy, wrote a letter to her nephew. In it she describes a dream she had:

    “You mentioned your mother dreaming about Celeste (Marie's sister). I, too, had a dream about that same time, and it left me with the queerest sensation. I believe that I told your mother about it at the time.

    I dreamed that Celeste and Jean appeared before me and Celeste made a sign to me to come toward them, and I answered or asked, (do you mean me) and Celeste answered (not yet). Jean just stood there smiling. I didn’t seem frightened just curious. Perhaps I was thinking of them so often and that caused me to dream of them.”

    Celeste had died in 1966 and Jeannie died in 1944.

    When my dad was very sick with what we had just discovered was bone cancer; I also had a dream. I was in St. Louis visiting my grandparents. On this particular night I was staying at my Uncle Victor’s house. Vic always makes guests sleep in his room and he sleeps on the couch. That night I had a dream. My Dad was in his robe and stood near the French doors in Vic’s room. I don’t remember my dad trying to say anything to me in the dream, but right in the middle of it…Victor knocked on the door. It was about 1 or 2 in the morning. The call was from my mom. Dad was in the hospital and they didn’t know if he would make it through the night. He died 2 weeks later.